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Advanced Kannada Readings

Kannada (also called ‘Canarese’ in old English-language historical sources) is one of the leading modern literary languages of India, and for its historical importance has also been officially granted the status of a classical language by the Indian government. After learning the modern written language, one immediately gains access to over eight centuries of literary history.

Kannada is also the sole administrative language of the south Indian state of Karnataka, with which the Free State of Bavaria has entered into a partnership agreement for scientific, technical, commercial and cultural cooperation in the year 2007. Therefore Kannada is the single most important modern Indian language for Bavaria. Prof. Robert Zydenbos has lived for seventeen years in Karnataka and has mastered the modern language better than any other professionally still active Indological colleague in the whole of Europe (this may sound a bit overweening, but it can be verified).

The course “Kannada-Lektüre” is meant for those who have a mastery of the language at least at the level of Kannada II. The material to be read will be determined in discussion with the students in the first meeting of the semester.

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